Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet Temptation

Last night my brother in law popped in for dinner. Well it wasn't really a pop in, he told my husband he was coming and my husband forgot to tell me. Luckily for us I was making my popular home made chili. I make 2 meals worth so that we can save some for a later date, we make chili cheese fries or chili dogs with the portion I freeze; so we definitely had enough for everyone. Anyway back on point, I wasn't planning on doing dessert but since we had company I thought I better do something. I remember a couple months before I had pinned a recipe for frosting or filling that looked really simple and I had all the ingredients. So I pulled out my iPad and searched threw my Delisioso board and found it, cream for all occasions. All you need is a box of cheese cake pudding, half the milk called for on the box and half a package of Cool Whip. I whipped this right up and mixed in 2 apples and a banana and sprinkled some cinnamon in (it is the winter after all I had to add some kind of winter flare). My two older boys liked it so much they fought over the last spoonful which we had to divvy up between the two of them. The total cost was $4.15 or .69 cents per serving and it is 130 calories for a sixths of the total recipe. This would also be great as a fruit dip or with strawberries in the summer months.
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Quote of the day:
"In love, one must show affection often, appreciation always."
~Holly Bennington
Cream For All Occasions

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