Saturday, January 5, 2013


Easy Hair Ties
Yes I am talking about those cute little hair ties that rocked the scene in the early to mid 90's. I have a sister who is very much into fashion, she is always the first to wear what ever Jennifer Aniston is wearing weeks before the paparazzi snap a picture of it. My beautiful sister who shall remain nameless, let just call her "R" was donning one of these magnificent hair pieces when I asked her, politely as I could without laughing, if 1994 had called asking for it's scunchy back. She replied that they are super comfy and didn't break or dent her hair like the other hair ties did. I then told her that I felt the same way about my palazzo (or gaucho) pants but you didn't see me roaming the town in my highly under rated last year pants. I decided then and there I was going to find her a more acceptable way to wear her hair. Of course where did I turn but my trusty side kick and endless pool of creative knowledge, Pinterest. That is when I found this pin easy hair ties. So simple, cheap and so not 1992! You can find this in in my Doin' it Myself board. You only need about 7 minutes, $4, scissors and a lighter. I used the Fashion A La Carte Elastic bands that you can find in an assortment of colors at Michael's and it just so happens they had my favorite color, lavender, in stock. I used one package and it made 8 hair ties. I did this project a months ago and can't remember exactly how much I paid but I don't believe it was more than $4. That is about .50 cents per hair tie, a little more than what you would pay say at Target for a package of hair ties, however I am still wearing the first one I made! It has far outlasted any of the store bought hair ties by far. I would go threw about a hair tie a week before it broke or stretched out to a point that just didn't feel right. The only draw back I have found is when I run my hair tends to slip threw it, so I still use my old hair ties to hold my ponytail when I run.  Other than that these are a 10, I think my hair is even a little healthier since it doesn't break my hair when I pull it out at the end of the day.
Till next Pin!

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