Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vagabond Soul

I believe I was born with the soul of a vagabond, I love to travel whether it be to countries unknown or to local spots that have yet to be discovered. This past weekend we traveled to St Louis to visit my husbands Marine Corps brothers, we seriously had a blast. I almost wrote to my mom to pack the kids and send them to St Louis cause we were ready to stay. However with my husband having to be back at work and my 4 1/2 year old commencing from preschool, with sad hearts we headed back home. We had so many great experiences while in St Louis; playing washers, drinking Budweiser products, eating our weight in all sorts of BBQ food and of course spending time with people we love. These were my husband's buddies, who we really do love dearly and his buddy's family and friends welcomed us with open arms. I feel as close to some of them as I do with people it took years to build friendships with, with some people it just clicks. Anyway back on point, travel really opens your eyes to so much of what the world has to offer and what amazing things are waiting out there for you to discover. Travel doesn't have to cost a lot or be far from home, taking a trip to your local botanical gardens or any national monument that may be close to you, maybe a hiking trail you have yet to tackle. My advice is get out there and explore; for example, about 20 minutes from us is a nature center, it is riddled with hiking trails from the beginner trail to the mountain climber trail. Our trip to The Lou was definitely good for my soul for so many reasons. Get out there and experience life, I promise it will be good for your soul too.
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P.S.: For all my SF friends take a San Francisco Walking Tour, the docents love the city and know all sorts of great stuff about it. Take a tour I promise you won't be disappointed! Oh and by the way they are free, a small donation is suggested though.

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  1. I completely agree!! We don't take advantage of what is so close to us.