Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coo Coo For Coconuts
Since tomorrow is Mother's Day I decided to Make A. Coconut Crusted French Toast from my Facebook post today since I will be heading to brunch with my four favorite guys tomorrow. I am going to a start off by saying for many many years I thought I had a food sensitivity to coconuts, it started about 10 years ago when my mom took me out for a mother/daughter dinner at a Thai restaurant, that night I developed a severe stomach ache. At the time I did not make the connection to the food. A couple years later we ate at a noodle place and I had the coconut curry bowl, while it was delicious (I ate every last drop) that night again I had a terrible stomach ache. Since then I completely cut out any type of coconut, but with the coconut craze sweeping the country something like this was bound to happen; my dad had no knowledge of my aversion to coconut, he handed me a piece of toast with a sweet white cream on it, I thought that maybe it was a custard. No it was coconut, I almost went into a ball right then and there expecting to have horrendous stomach cramping. Much to my surprise nothing, not even flatulence! I am still not sure why Thai food gives me a stomach ache but I am thanking Baby Jesus it is not coconut, for the past few years I have missed out on this creamy sweet fruit and let me tell you I am making up for lost time! My sister and her boyfriend who really should be world renowned chefs make a Caribbean jerk bean and rice dish that I really cannot wait to try! Anyway onto the recipe I used whole wheat bread, a cup of milk, 3 eggs, Cinnamon and vanilla. Mine did not look like the picture, I think for appearances the coconut in the picture was added after the bread had been cooked. The coconut was toasted and more of a golden brown, also they were a little soggy so I would recommend less milk and more egg. Total calories for one slice: 272. Cheers to coconut and all it's health benefits!
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P.S. More and more studies are showing that coconut oil may actually raise your HDL (good) cholesterol.

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