Friday, April 19, 2013

Cookie Dough Yogurt

Girl Gone Counrty
I usually like to come up with quirky titles for my blogs, usually I have the title before I even start writing and sometimes it comes to me right in the middle of a blog. Well this blog, I think will speak for itself, it is cookie dough yogurt!!! And it is AMAZING, in fact I am going to go on the blog right now to praise the author for her genius! Ok I am back, her blog is called Girl Gone Country you should go right this minute and check it out. Anyway I followed the recipe almost to a tee except since I don't have honey and I used the last of our agave for pancakes on Sunday I substituted the sweetener with Stevia, I used white chocolate chips and I also used a tablespoon and a half of chunky peanut butter. Calories: Greek yogurt: 100; peanut butter: 140; vanilla extract: 5; Stevia: 0; white chocolate baking chips: 35; for a total of 280 calories and 23g of protein!!! I have a horrible sweet tooth and I may have just found my answer to a sweet treat that is made with all natual ingredients (yes the white chocolate chips are all natual, they are the Ghiradelli brand) and is packed with protein! This recipe is sooooo good, why are you still sitting there go right now and make it, if you don't have the ingredients go to the store!
Till Next Blog,