Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shock Me, Shock Me, Shock Me!

Do you ever wish your pancakes had more double P(protein & potassium)? Do you ever debate  "I really love pancakes but they just aren't very nutritious"? Well your prayers have been answered! I was extremely sceptical of this pin, Egg & Banana Pancakes. I mean really only two ingredients both super healthy and it tastes good, Mama always told me 'If it sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true.' This recipe is definitely the exception to that rule. I told the boys last night if they behaved and took a bath and got ready for bed without any fuss I would make pancakes in the morning. They were great; brushing their teeth with (almost) no fighting and got their PJs on with out running around like naked little hooligans, I must commend them on their good behavior. So this morning I got our skillet and thought of this pin, after the Greek FroYo I thought they might riot if I fool them again. Then I thought I'll make one batch and if it doesn't work out I'll make regular pancakes, no harm no foul, right. So I got the ingredient and made a batch which was about six, 3 inch pancakes. The boys ate them at lightning speed, I didn't even have a chance to sneak a bite off their plates or even add syrup to them! So I quickly whipped up a second batch and then a third batch. They were so delicious! They were like really moist sweet pancakes, the only difference is they weren't fluffy like regular pancakes. They are 44 calories per pancake or 264 for an entire batch and 14g of protein! I used one large banana and 2 cage free eggs, to me it is worth the extra money to get eggs from happy hens, I would love to have a coop in my backyard but I am pretty sure the HOA frowns on backyard barnyards.  The Winco's in our town has them for $1.89 only .20 cents more than the regular eggs. I highly recommend these, they are healthy and delicious; so are the pancakes;)
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1 ripe banana+2 eggs= super yum healthy breakfast!

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